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Your blog name is called domain name just as people know you by your name. On the Internet, your blog is identified by the domain name itself. This is one short information about the domain name.

  • What is the domain name?
  • What are the types of domain names?
  • How to choose the right Domain Name?

Today I am going to give you complete information related to Domain. So you read this post thoroughly. Let us know that:-

What is the domain name

What is the domain name

What is the domain name

you will Have ever opened a blog on the internet. Do you know that the blog and domain name have a relationship? Whenever a blog is created, it is given an IP address, which is in the numerals. The number in IP address is in four parts, which is between 0 and 255.


Suppose the IP address of Allviptricks blog is – If you want to open an Allviptricks blog, then you have to remember the IP Address. And it is tough to remember such IP address.

Hence the Domain was invented. And DNS was designed to connect it to the blog. Which Domain Name System that connects Domain Name to Website.

You know that the Website or blog is identified by the domain name itself. And all websites have different domains. No two blog or Website can ever have the same name. So whenever you write Allviptricks.com on the Internet, my blog will open no one else.

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How Domain Name Works

Like we use Phone Storage or SD Card to add video or song in mobile. Similarly, to store every Website or blog, a server or host is required. And point the domain name to the IP of that server.

Whenever you put the name of any website in the search bar of the Browser, so the Browser points to the IP of the host server with the help of your domain name, and the Website created with that IP address opens in front of you. So in this way, we can see any website in the Browser.

Type of domain name

What is the domain name

There are two types of Domain Name:-

1. TLD – Top Level Domains

2. ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

Now let us know about these two types of Domain Name.

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1. TLD – Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains located after your domain name, Meaning the part after Dot is called Top-Level Domain. Like .com. If you use Top Level Domains, Google will soon give you Approval of AdSense.

Anyone can buy such Domain Name. Top Level Domains is essential for ranking a blog or Website in Search Engine and it is also significant for SEO.


Allviptricks.com <– This is my blog domain name.

here Allviptricks This is my domain name and .com Top Level Domains (TLD).

List of Top Level Domains

.com (Commercial)

.org (Organization)

.net (Network)

.gov (Government)

.edu (Education)

.info (Information)

.biz (Business)

.name (Name)

.store (Business Related)

.web (Internet Site)

2. ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

This type of Domain represents one country. This Domain is created based on a country’s two-letter ISO Code. If you want to make your Website for Indian user, then you have to take .in Domain. These types of domains are also ranked in the search engine and they also get Google AdSense Approval.

ccTLD – List of Country Code Top Level Domains

.in (India)

.us (United States)

.ch (Switzerland)

.cn (China)

.au (Australia)

.uk (United Kingdom)

.br (Brazil)

.ru (Russia)

.sa (Saudi Arabia)

.ae (Arab Emirates)

.th (Thailand)

.jp (Japan)

.sg (Singapore)

.nz (New Zealand)

The domains mentioned above represent different countries. The two words here are ISO codes for that country.

What are subdomains

A subdomain is a type of Domain. Subdomain Name is only a part of your Main Domain Name and cannot be purchased from it. You can make it for free. If you have a Top Level Domains (TLD), then you can create Subdomain by yourself.


Like allviptricks.com is a Top Level Domains. If I want to create a Subdomain. To create a subdomain, I have to use an English word in the first of allviptricks.com.

windows.allviptricks.com This is Subdomain. I created this Subdomain through my Top Level Domains allviptricks.com Free.

If you want to know how to create Subdomain from Top Level Domains, then tell me in the Comments box. If more comments come, I will write a full article on it.

Whether domain name and URL are the same or not

If I talk technically, the Domain Name is a small part of the URL. Whenever you search for anything on google and open the post, the link that you see in the search bar is called the URL.

You can find many things through the URL like

What is Domain Name? The post has been published in which month and in which year. Whether the blog or Website has an SSL certificate, the Website is on Blogger or WordPress.


This is my post’s URL


In this URL

https://allviptricks.com/ <– It is my Domain Name.

guest-post <– It is the topic of the post.

2020/06 <– Month and Year.

https <– SSL Certificate is available.

.html <– If .html appears in the URL of a post, then 90% of it is on the Website Blogger.

Top Domain Name Provider Websites

If you want to make a website for your business or yourself, for this, you will need to buy Domain Name. You can also purchase Domain Name yourself. There are many websites on the Internet that provide you Domain. But you should buy a Domain Name from the right Domain Name Service Provider. So that no one can hack it. Therefore, I have listed below the names of some such Top Domain Provider websites for you. You can buy a domain name from any of them.

Top Domain Name Provider Websites

Note: ICANN is an organization that authorizes to distribute domain names. Meaning ICANN is bound to sell Domain Name. ICANN’s full name is The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

How to choose the right Domain Name

You should always match your Website’s Niche. If you are creating a website for business, then you should get a similar domain name related to your business.

  • You should always take Top Level Domains (TLD) only .com.
  • Always take Short Domain Name.
  •  Take a domain name that is easy to remember and speak.
  •  You always take a unique Domain because you can go ahead and make it a brand.
  •  You should not use the number in the Domain Name.
  •  Never take a domain name similar to another website like.


Like if you want to take the same domain name as allviptricks. You cannot take allviptricks.com domain because I have already registered this Domain. But if you have taken allviptricks.in Domain, then you cannot rank it soon. Therefore, do not take the Domain name like other websites.

Never take a domain similar to a big company or brand because it can be banned anytime.


If you take a domain name like flipkartproduct.com or flipkartbestproduct.com that resembles the name of a big company like Flipkart, it can be banned anytime.

So you should never get a domain name similar to a big company or brand.

The spelling of the domain name should be easy so that we can remember and type quickly. There should be no mistake in the grammar of the domain name.

What is the domain name

Friends, I hope that is what the domain name is. And how many types of domain names are there? You must have got complete information about it from our article. However, if you need any information related to this, you can ask me in the Comment Box below. I will try my best to help you as much as possible. If you like this article of ours, then share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Massage, Telegram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other social media. So that more people will get its information and that too, what is the domain name, how many types are there and how to choose the right domain name?