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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking higher sites in search engines. There are many search engines, the main ones being Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While some people use others, you want to be ranked by Google. Statistics show that more than 65% of people use Google as their primary search engine, so ranking there will give you the most traffic.

It is also important to note that different search engines have their ranking factors, which essentially means that ranking well in one search engine does not mean that you will rank in others. These search engines use different factors to rank your website, so you must consider several search engine ranking factors in any SEO strategy.

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What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a science of how search engines rate your site; Google uses over 200 different variables for how they rate your site. Each variable is weighted, and SEO will customize sites to meet these requirements; however, Google regularly changes its algorithm so that people who try to use SEO software cannot use the system.

Ideally, you should try to optimize your website to very high standards and be strong in many variables so that you do not feel the effects of such changes when you upgrade Google. Recent years (April 2012) marked the beginning of this. Google has released the so-called Penguin update, for spammers and those who use link building software, and millions of websites. Since then, there have been many updates for Panda and Penguin, which complicate SEO for those who want to use shortcuts.

Even now, in 2018, Google is continuously looking for sites that need to be disabled so that when the public of Google gets something, they get a high-quality, relevant website for the search query that they enter.

What is SEO allviptricks.com

SEO tools and software

There is an SEO software that you can buy, and it will do some tedious SEO work for you, things, like submitting directories and creating links, can be done with the click of a button.

Many SEO companies try to use software to carry out some tasks, and we recommend you to avoid any software because no matter how tempting, your SEO efforts will suffer when using such tactics. Search engine optimization has been around for a long time, and Google is knowledgeable about spamming methods and smart enough to withstand any fraud. Do not get me wrong, there will always be smart people creating tools that can trick the system, and yes, they can work for a while, but Google will ultimately punish you, and all of your ratings may collapse. Search engine optimization works best only when it is done manually and naturally by professional SEO with experience and reliable resources.

Free SEO Tools

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One of the problems that many people face is that they are being led along the wrong path. You will see that many people are telling you how SEO works, and the reality is that there is no single established way for SEO to work. Apart from this, there are many ways that SEO does not work, but there is so much material that tells you that it works. All that I show you in this course is a proven strategy that worked for me, and if you follow these steps and rules, you can rank websites.

The terms used for these SEO tactics are White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO.

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White Hat SEO

As we have already explained, we recommend that you use this tactic, since all the others will ultimately lead to the fact that you will be detected and that it will decrease in ranking or even be blocked by Google. SEO in a white hat does all the SEO work manually and uses only ethical tactics; this will lead to a good ranking and the absence of potential danger or fines.

Those of you who know me know that I am not 100% sure that this is the best tactic. Now I am not against the “white hat” procedures at all, and I am worried about companies and niches that do not have enough budgets for mass advertising campaigns or have engaging writing content. This is where other methods can be implemented in an SEO campaign.

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Black Hat SEO

This is the tactic used by SEO when they use software to do tasks such as creating links and submitting directories. Other tactics of the “black hat” are “Door pages,” “Hidden text,” “filling with keywords,” “link rings,” etc. On the pages of “Doorways,” they buy a domain name that refers to your main web website, such as, you can sell cars and your leading web.

Hidden text is another tactic that worked many years ago. People added white text to a website with a white background and mentioned keywords again and again, as they would not be visible to the human eye. Having keywords on your page is a crucial ranking reason that people have abused over the years, so if you decide to use hidden text, you may run into problems on your site.

A popular topic you may have heard about is PBN (private blogging networks). This is an extensive list of sites under your control that you can link to any sites of your choice. I will not go into details about this now, but this is what many SEO professionals will use to rank the site.

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Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is just a combination of white and black hat techniques. As I mentioned earlier, there is no single way to rank a website, some niches need more work than others, some do not need any black hat methods to rank well, and others can rely heavily on it. The gray hat is an SEO tactic that implements any necessary technique and, if done correctly, can ultimately bring your website to the first place in search engines.

Transcription video

The first video on what SEO is. SEO is search engine optimization. I am sure many of you are aware of this if you have bought a course. But for those of you who don’t know what it is, search engine optimization is a technique, a skill that people use to rank sites on the Internet organically. So forget about all your paid stuff, social networks, and everything else. The gray hat is an SEO tactic that implements any necessary technique and, if done correctly, can ultimately bring your website to the first place in search engines. And, of course, there are some specific things you can do to increase your site’s ranking.

Thank Your Very much

And throughout the course, various modules will be included in all aspects of what gives a website a high rating. But with search engine optimization, this is not one. There are many things. Google will tell you that there are more than 200 variables that make up a site’s ranking. As for the 200 variables, there is probably one if you want to calculate all of them, but the main variables are things like site speed, click-through rate, content on your site, link building, technical problems. Certain parts of the technical side of your site that you need to configure and configure to make sure that your site does what it should and loads for the ideal time. You have guys who analyze server logs.

You have to do your testing, but as for SEO, this is essentially what SEO is. This course is designed to cover all the various aspects of SEO that you must complete for you to check a website. Just follow this step-by-step guide, and hopefully, in the end, you will have a better understanding of what SEO is.

This is a definition of what SEO is, but how it all integrates is all the other modules.

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