#1What is HDD and SSD, What is the difference between HDD and SSD? Which is Better HDD or SSD?

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You must have heard the name of the HDD and SSD before or after purchase a laptop. Although both are intended for storage, but if you want to get a laptop, then you need to know about HDD and SSD, what is the difference between them and which is better.

Like I said, both of these work for storing on our laptop. But there is a big difference between them. They work in terms of speed or price, they are different from each other.


HDD stands for ‘Hard Disk Drive

SSD Full Form ‘Solid State Drive

What and how the hard drive works

The hard drive is a mechanical storage device with movable plates inside, as you can see in the photo, it has plates like DVD and data is stored in these designers. And in it, there are many such designers and it has a rotating head with the help of which the data is read by these designers.


The HDD consists of a plate with moving parts. The disks used to store data are called plates, the number of which is three to four, above which it is magnetically coated, the second main part is the number of read-record head disks, depending on its number.

Due to the moving parts of the HDD drive, it produces vibrations, in the long run, it is harmful while in the SSD there is no vibration.


What are the advantages of a hard drive?

  • Hard disks are very cheap
  • The high-capacity HDD is very easy to find.
  • You can also buy from any company.

What is the disadvantage of a HDD?

  • Low read and write speed
  • Power uses more
  • After 5-6 years, it starts to have problems because it is a mechanical device and parts move inside it.
  • The size is more and the weight is also more.
  • What and how the SSD works

The SSD is like a chip or a memory card as you can see in the photo. There is no moving part in it. Any data that exists and is stored on the chip itself.

What are the benefits of SSD?

  • As all data is stored on the chip, its speed is very high and it can read and write quickly.
  • It uses energy very rarely
  • There is not much size and the weight is also much smaller.
  • Because there are no moving parts, there is very little chance that it will go bad.

There is sound from the hard drive while the SSD works silently.

There is no need to move spare parts due to flash memory to store data on SSD.
SSD speeds are higher than hard drives when it comes to reading data because both the tablet and the reader need to move to read the stored data on the hard drive, while SSD data readings are random.


What are the disadvantages of SSDs?

  • Much more expensive than the hard drive
  • Very high capacity SSDs are much less
  • It is not easily found in the standard market.
  • What is SSHD?

This is a combination of both, which is done by combining both, its full form is “SSD“, you will only find it on new laptops and this is also the case with any laptop. Not Fixed) is available so you can install your operating system on the SSD and save your file to a hard drive. This will make your computer run faster because the SSD speed is too high and you can work on your computer very comfortably.

If you want to get a new laptop, then try to find that it has an SSD and if you have an old computer or laptop whose speed is too low, then you can increase the speed by placing an SSHD or SSD on it.

Talk about power consumption, then SSD runs on less electricity as compared to HHD. Because its design is such that it does not have any moving parts. Like motor that needs more electricity to run. Battery backup will also increase.

It is said that SSD is above in terms of how durable your device is, it runs more than your HDD. If your laptop gets a shock and your laptop has an HDD, its moving parts can move around which could cause the disc to malfunction.

Heating issue is also more common in HDD than in SSD.

What are SSD Servers?

Servers that have SSD instead of HDD are called SSD Servers. Their performance is very good.

Which company has the best SSD?

Currently many companies are manufacturing ssd .. out of which I am telling you the names of some companies according to their quality, you can take any of them.

  1. Corsair
  2. Samsung
  3. Kingston
  4. WD (Western Digital)


Which should I purchase HDD or SSD?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between these two depends on how you will use your computer to work or in what way.

For example: If you want to run work for less money and you want more storage space then you can take HDD. For example, if you do not run heavy software like MS Office, vlc and keep a lot of movies and music, then HDD is right for you. In this case, the opening time of your computer will be slightly longer which we call BOOT TIME.

But if you want your computer’s opening time to be short, you want to save your precious time and you want your computer to run fast as soon as you open a software, then it opens immediately, then in this case you should take SSD only. Because your time is very important.

And the best thing is that if you want your computer to work fast and also have more space in it, then you can use both SSD and HDD in the same computer. Or if you have an old laptop, you can fasten it by applying SSD.

My laptop was first equipped with HDD, then I put SSD in it and now there is a lot of difference in the speed of my laptop.

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