#1 Top Five Blast Chrome VPN to Access Blocked Websites Free 2020

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VPN is an excellent tool that is made for a unique work, i.e., Access Everything. In simple words, VPN is a unique tool that provides you access to the services that are blocked by a company. One feature of a VPN is to access blocked websites. That is stuck in your county. Or in your school or college or on your WIFI or your LAN network or your Network. Today I am going to share the top 5 my favorite VPN I always use them.

VPN GOM Chorme Web Store
Google Chrome Web Store


VPN GOM is one of the best Google Chrome VPN. It is my favourite VPN; it comes to the First number for me. GOM VPN allows you to open(Give Access) blocked sites in your Google Chrome browser. Install it on Google Web Store. Then Just click on the icon in a browser and start exploring any of your favourite sites in google chrome.
GOM VPN creators say it is used by some world leaders like Forbes, TechInAsia, Pocket-Lint & Wired.

1.1 GOM VPN Unique Features:

  1. Superfast 1000mbit unlock servers and proxies
  2. No Need to setup anything
  3. One-click activation
  4. It is available for Android OS, iPhone OS, Firefox Browser & Chrome Browser on identical accounts, without additional charges.
Google Chrome Web Store
Google Chrome Web Store

2. Hola VPN

Hola VPN is another fantastic VPN extensions. It is in fashion among various users. This extension provides multiple servers choice to select from and will switch to any country on the list to access blocked sites.

2.1 Hola VPN Unique Features:

  1. Free & secure VPN.
  2. Access blocked or censored websites in your country
  3. It provides an ads-free VPN proxy service that offers a faster Connectivity.
  4. Hola VPN is the world’s fastest unblocker – Hola VPN use split-tunnelling technology. Due to split-tunnelling technology, it does encryption & provide you with Privacy and security. You can subscribe to its PLUS plan.
  5. With Hola free version, You can Unblock most websites.
Browsec VPN Chrome Web Store
Google Chrome Web Store

3. Browsec VPN

When we talk about simplicity, then Browsec VPN comes first. It is the simplest and easiest extension ever. You will get four lists of servers to use in your browser to unblock blocked sites.

3.1 Browsec Unique Features:

It provides complete Privacy no matter you are reading from Facebook or working on twitter. Browse no matter what you want. Browsec completely Hide your actual location from the sites you are visiting. Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and then on. Music and video services are restricted. To a handful of square measures of states currently accessible to you too.

Google Chrome Web Store

4. VPN Free – Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy

Betternet VPN interface server for Google Chrome Browser. That provides users with unlimited network access. Our secure VPN encrypts your data & provide you clean traffic. Betternet has the power to turns the public wireless local area network. Into a personal system and unblocks websites. So you can bypass geographical restrictions. And keep your Privacy private.

4.1 Betternet Unique Features:

  1. Anonymous Browsing – Employing a free VPN you. Do not even have to be compelled to install Associate. In Nursing anonymous browser. Activate the free VPN, and every one of your network traffic is encrypted. Your online activities are entirely unknown.
  2. WIFI Security – Your online traffic is encrypted via a secure VPN. Association and protected against the risks of public WIFI.
  3. Spoofed Location – Our non-public VPN hides the informatics address. So that your location is hidden and you’ll bypass. Geographical restrictions to access any content spoofed.

4.2 Other Features

  1. Unlimited VPN
  2. One-click to Connect
  3. Unblock Websites and Apps
  4. Anonymous Connection and Privacy Protection
  5. Secure Your Browser
  6. Surf anonymously at Fast Speed
  7. Shield WiFi Hotspot
Google Chrome Web Store


DotVPN permits you to remain personal by accessing content that you love. All of your online traffic goes over a secure VPN association. DotVPN doesn’t log association data. Our company joined the “no log” movement since the first day of the muse. Also, to essential VPN services. DotVPN offers an excellent form of further assistance, looking at your privacy desires.

Add DotVPN to your Chrome browser. And alter country to over thirty virtual locations. Together with the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Holland, France, Germany, Canada, and plenty of others. If some content isn’t offered from our free VPN arrange, you’ll amendment it within the DotVPN app. You have got unlimited switches between locations, each on a free or premium VPN network.

5.1 DOT VPN Unique Features:

  1. Dot VPN provides you with 256-bit encryption of your VPN connection.
  2. Dot VPN also adds Anonymous DNS on every VPN server protects from DNSLeaks.
  3. In Dot VPN, you will get the Absence of connection logs.

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