The Formula To Get Success in Blogging in 2020 Massive Guide

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You are not successful, But your blog is successful. This is similar to the game of Horse Riding, in which the horse is running but the winner is supposed to be the rider sitting on his back. So you have to make your blog like a horse just before it so that it can run fast and you can be a winner. So basically today I am going to share The Formula to get success in blogging in 2020.

Urgent Matter

Most of the bloggers in India are those who have no knowledge of subjects like Domain, Hosting, Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine, etc. The sad thing is that all these bloggers do not even try to take a little light knowledge and start a blog directly. If you read this post full then you will know The Formula to get success in blogging in 2020.

Blogging in India is started as a means of earning money and not because of interest in writing. What are the requirements of a good blog, the blogger does not give importance to it? Some bloggers start a blog with the thought that there is no money to be spent at all.

How to get success in blogging in 2020 complete guide

How to Start a Blog

Every time I have said that if you want to create a future in the field of blogging. Then you should get into the field with full force. Get Success in Blogging.

  • First of all, book your personal domain thinking of a good name. The name should be such that it is not found in the name of any other blog and it is not too big.
  • Now buy Share Hosting from a good Hosting Provider[Cheap Hosting in your language]. There is no need to take very expensive hosting for good, but it is also not right to use a very cheap option. Hosting should be such that you can support when you need it [I personally use this Hosting].
  • At present, hosting with SSL itself means that it is mandatory to have https:// Do this while taking hosting, do not think that you will do it later.
  • WordPress is considered best for blogs, so you choose a theme that is not too flashy in general. If you are capable enough to buy Paid Theme, then by paying you, buy a nice, somber and simple WordPress theme.
  • After buying the theme, talk to a good SEO knowing and tell them what should be changed and what should be done in the WordPress theme according to how you want to do blogging.
How to get success in blogging in 2020 complete guide

How Should our Blog

  1. The first domain is with https:// then www, then blog names.
  2. It would be good to get a domain with a dotcom .com extension. Especially if you have an English blog, then dot com should be taken. Otherwise you org. You can choose extensions like a net but dot com would be best.
  3. The blog should have Top Menu, Footer Navigation.
  4. If the blog has 4, 5 categories related to your topic then it is best.
  5. The category should be understood by both user and search engine.
  6. Sub Category is not required but you can keep it if you want.

Suppose you thought of creating a “health blog“, its domain would be something like this:-

The Formula To Get Success in Blogging in 2020 Massive Guide 1

After inserting the WordPress theme we created 2 major categories in it like:-

The Formula To Get Success in Blogging in 2020 Massive Guide 2

Apart from 2 major categories, we created 3 other secondary categories like:-

The Formula To Get Success in Blogging in 2020 Massive Guide 3

Note: If you look carefully, you will find that the domain name of the blog is “health knowledge dot com” which is a simple name. Which can be memorized at once. Apart from this, the name of the category is also very simple – ‘Women’ and ‘Men’, besides these two categories, 3 other categories have also been kept as ‘Yoga’, ‘Fitness’ and ‘Diet’.

Therefore, the proper name of the category should come after the exact domain extension. That is what we call URL Structure, that is, URLs are created correctly in blog creation so that readers can understand it and also understand Google search. Get Success in Blogging.

Now, let us know how to create the URL of the post:

The Formula To Get Success in Blogging in 2020 Massive Guide 4
  • We wrote a post within the women’s category “How to take care of pregnancy”.
  • Inside the male category we wrote a post “How to avoid obesity”.

We wrote the post for the other 3 other categories as well:

The Formula To Get Success in Blogging in 2020 Massive Guide 5
  • Within the yoga category we wrote the post “Relaxation in back pain”.
  • Inside the fitness category, we wrote the post “Benefits of running”
  • Within the diet category, we wrote the post “High energy food”

Pay Attention:

What did you see You should see how I created SEO Optimized content using the domain, category name, and post URL properly. Google search engine likes this kind of work done and your written content starts to get good ranking without extra effort. Get Success in Blogging.

  • I wrote things related to women in the women’s category.
  • I wrote things related to men in the category of men.
  • I wrote things related to yoga in the Yoga category.
  • I wrote things related to fitness in the fitness category.
  • I wrote things related to diet in the diet category.

That is, I managed my article correctly in my blog. I selected the appropriate category for my written article, prepared the post URL, prepared the title, prepared the description, prepared the keyword.

Here You Understand How I did SEO Very Easily:

Domain Name ‘sehatgyan’, Category Name ‘Mahila’, Post URL ‘Kaise-rakhein-garbhavastha-mein-khayal’

Now, since I have written an article on pregnancy, that is, the women’s category is the most appropriate, and since I have chosen the female category, there is no need to write a woman in the post URL. Get Success in Blogging.

This content I wrote will come up with the following keywords:-

  • How to take care of women during pregnancy.
  • The health of women during pregnancy.
  • How women should take care of pregnancy.
  • How to take care during pregnancy.
  • Things to note in pregnancy.
  • Female pregnancy.


Friends, your blog does not succeed in blogging. Therefore, you should do the whole planning from the beginning. Take care of all the things related to blog creation and complete it. Seek advice from people who know more than you and understand the specifics of SEO or ask someone. Get Success in Blogging.

Blogging is a technical world, not an article written on a copy. For the world to see your article, you have to pay attention to every minute aspect. The first thing is to set up your blog well. Take care of the SEO guideline in setting up a blog, you can complete the tasks that you cannot do with the help of knowing you, even if you have to spend some money. Get Success in Blogging.

Once your blog is well setup then everything depends on your article. Write at least 1 blog every day, otherwise good, write 15 to 20 articles a month. The article must be at least 800 words with good words. Do not copy too much when looking from anywhere; Your article should be unique. Use articles that require photo video audio etc. Don’t steal photo video audio and use it in your blog. Finally now you have known The Formula to get success in blogging in 2020.

If you do as much as I have written, then you are sure to be a success.

Heartfelt thanks for even reading this.
How did you like my information, can you tell me this in the comment box? What would you like to have about my post? Make sure to comment and do not forget to like and share this post. Get such articles Notification daily. Do follow us. Thank you. Get Success in Blogging.

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