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Is an iPhone better than an Android phone

Do you know what is the difference between Android and iPhone, how different the two smartphones are from each other if you do not know then today we are going to tell you about this? Whenever we buy any goods, we compare them with other goods so that the goods we are buying will be found in good quality with low price. In the same way, when buying mobile, we check different mobile which fits in our budget and in which we get more features, we buy the same smartphone. Thousands of mobile phones are launched every year, in which more than one feature is available, in which we get confused which smartphone will be better for us.

Is an iPhone better than an Android phone

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Here we are going to tell you the difference between iPhone and android, if you are thinking of getting a smartphone then you will get a lot of information about both here, after which you can choose the best smartphone for yourself. By the way, both Android and iPhone are smartphones but there are some differences which make them different, so let’s know what that is.

These points will help you to understand “Is an iPhone better than an Android phone”

  1. Android phones run Google’s operating system on Android, while iPhones run on Apple company’s iOS operating system, meaning both operating systems are different.
  2. In iPhone, you do not see the problem of overheating and hanging whereas in Android phones, the problem of overheating and hanging continues.
  3. Android makes many phones in the world, whereas on the other hand, the iPhone makes only American company Apple.
  4. The Apple company manufactures the hardware and software of the iPhone itself and applies it to the iPhone, while the software and hardware installed in Android phones are made by different companies.
  5. The latest operating systems of Android do not work on older Android phones while the latest operating systems of the iPhone also work on older iPhones.
  6. If something goes wrong with your iPhone, then you can fix your iPhone by going to the nearest Apple Store, while in Android you will have to go to the store of the same company that has your Android phone.
  7. iPhone is also known for its superior camera quality, its cameras also outperform DSLR, whereas in Android mobile you get camera quality compared to the iPhone.
  8. The Apple company offers updates from time to time for its iPhone mobile users, while on the other hand, there are very few companies in Android that offer the update.
  9. The operating system of the iPhone is much better than the operating system of Android because it takes a lot of time to update apps in Android, while there is no such problem in updating apps in iPhone.
  10. If you have an iPhone, then you get a premium feel, it shows your status, whereas nothing like this is available in Android.
  1. Android phones are very cheap compared to the iPhone, while the price of the iPhone is very high, due to this, most people prefer to take Android mobiles.
  2. You can customize the Android phone in your own ways like changing the homepage or launcher, changing the icon and changing the lock screen, etc. while in iPhone you cannot change the way you like.
  3. Rooting iPhone is quite difficult, it is not easily rooted, whereas you can easily root Android phone and after rooting you can customize the mobile as yourself.
  4. If you look at the number of mobiles in the world, then Android comes in the first place because many companies make Android phones, whereas the number of iPhones is very less compared to Android due to iPhone making only Apple company.
  5. In iPhone, you can install only a few apps and games whereas in Android phones you can install about 2 million apps and games.
  6. The number of apps and games in the app store of Android is much higher than the app store of iPhone. In Android, you will get all kinds of apps and games for free. Whereas in the iPhone you have to pay for some apps and games.
  7. Today, the emphasis is on making long battery backup smartphones in Android and in this many companies have launched their more battery-powered mobile phones, thus you get the option of long battery backup in Android while iPhone In this, you must charge your mobile once a day. Long battery backup option is not available in iPhone.
  8. It makes the iPhone as an Apple company, so it takes a lot of time to launch its new model, while Android makes a lot of companies and almost every month, a new model of Android is launched with new features.
  9. In the case of multitasking, Android is far ahead, like in Android you can listen to songs and browse on the Internet, that means you can do a lot of work in Android at a time, whereas in iPhone, multitasking option is not available in this phone. You can do only one thing at a time.
  10. Talking about the design of both the smartphones, all the models of the iPhone are the same, by looking at the model, it is not known which model of the smartphone is, whereas in Android, you can guess the model by looking at the phone.

I think now you have very clear about Is an iPhone better than an Android phone.

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So now you must know what is the difference between Android and iPhone. Here we have told you a total of 20 differences, after knowing these, you must have understood the difference between iPhone and Android quite easily. By the way, the iPhone is the first choice of rich people because it shows the status of the logo, whereas the first choice of common people is Android. In which you get a lot for a low price. If you liked this information, then share it on social media.

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