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How to Reduce the Bounce Rate

Often the blogger’s question is why my blog’s bounce rate is coming high?

When I ask how much bounce rates are there, some say 80%, some say 85%, even some people say bounce rate up to 90%. It is too high a bounce rate. So what to do? How to reduce the high bounce rate.

See, the thing is that if you reduce the high bounce rate with the ‘black hat’ trick, then Google can pay the penalty to our website or blog, and if you adopt the real right approach, then it is a lot of hard work. I have noticed that a lot of bloggers get nervous due to hard work.

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Anyway, all personal bloggers nowadays are coming to the world of blogging in their minds with the desire to earn instant money. But in the field of blogging, it will be successful only, which will adopt hard work, not a trick.

How to reduce the high bounce rate, we will talk on this issue today.

There is no magic of any kind; first, you have to find out why your blog has a high bounce rate.

That is, there will be some special reasons why the bounce rate of your blog or website or YouTube channel is going high. The reasons may be many, but below we will discuss the primary reasons why the bounce rate always increases.

  1. The slow loading speed of the website or blog.
  2. Server error or other technical problems.
  3. Relevancy of content from a search query
  4. Preparation of misleading titles and misleading descriptions.
  5. Creating Irrelevant Back Links.
  6. Unstructured Website Data.
  7. Affiliate landing page or single-page website.
  8. Having low quality, ugly, and unorganized content.
  9. Poor website design and poor user experience.
  10. Incorrect setup of Google Analytics.
  11. Using tricks like clickbait.

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How to Reduce the Bounce Rate Slow Loading

1). Slow loading

To speed check your blog or website, you can use Google tool named PageSpeed Insights. With the help of this tool, you can know how much is the Load Speed of your website in both mobile and desktop.

Based on the colour and score range, Google shows slow, average, and fast loading websites as follows:

If your website’s score falls between “0-49”, it will be considered Slow, and it will be in a red circle.

If your website’s score falls between “50-89”, it will be considered Average and will be in a yellow circle.

If your website score falls between “90-100”, it will be considered Fast, and it will be in a green circle.

There can be many reasons for the slow loading of the website, but it is impossible to discuss every single reason here. I will write a unique article in this context.

Right now, for a few reasons – server response time, lots of requests from a website to the server, bad long coding, wrong style sheet, too much javascript, video files, sizeable big photo, unnecessary WordPress plugin, non-optimized Theme, etc.

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type of server error

2). Server errors

500 – Internal Server Error

503 – Service Temporarily Unavailable

504 – Gateway Time-Out

400 – Bad Request

403 – Forbidden

404 – Not Found

408 – Request Time-Out

I think these types of errors will come up on your blog at some time. Sometimes it can go on. But these types of technical errors are often coming to your blog or website. Then you change your server or ask them to fix this problem.

We are discussing here How to Reduce the Bounce Rate.

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Non Relevant Content

3). Not Relevant Content

If I searched ‘Top Destination in Rishikesh’ and got the result “River Rafting in Rishikesh,” then it did not get the content matching the search query. You can say that it is the fault of the search engine, but not it. When we start writing a lot of things in the same content, then this happens. Therefore, the content should always be focused on a particular subject. So that the reader gets the relevant content that he has searched.

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Misleading title description

4). Misleading title description

The content you wrote was based on ‘Top Destination in Rishikesh,’ where you also talked about river rafting. While publishing the content, you gave the title “How to do river rafting in Rishikesh,” and you spoke about rafting without even mentioning the destination in the description.

You may have done this inadvertently, but Google is not unknown. When the user searched ‘How to do river rafting in Rishikesh’ and got the content ‘Top Destination in Rishikesh,’ then the bounce rate of your website will increase. You mislead both Google and the user by giving the wrong title, description. Whenever you write content, make the title and description according to the subject matter.

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate It matters in your blog.

5). Incompatible Backlink

Nowadays, look at who is in a hurry to make a quick backlink. People do not know that backlinks should also be relevant so that people can get the benefit. To increase the domain authority of the website, blind people create a non-relevant backlink profile. The result of this is the high bounce rate and later the Google penalty.

He has written his content of ‘Hrishikesh Tourism’ and backlinking it from a non-tourism website or blog. If you have created this type of non-relevant backlinks, your site will get a high bounce rate. As a result, Google will keep its ranking down, and it is also possible that Google can exclude it from the search engine ranking page.

6). Website Structure

The website also has its structure that can load well on mobile and desktop. It happens that a website is loading well on desktop but not on mobile and tablet. Wrong structure such as poor navigation structure, non-responsive design, missing fingerprint control, scrolling problem, overlapping. The user gets confused about where and how to go after landing on the website.

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Bounce rate Wiki

7). Affiliate or Single Page

The era of the single-page website is gone. If there is no scope for the user on your website, it is not the user’s recording. Landing on a single page, then where does the user go? He should get some more pages, some more articles, some gallery, form, contact, video, etc.

This type of problem is mostly seen on the affiliate website. Where the user is left alone after landing on a single page, either go back or close the window. Therefore, make your website or blog so that it can engage the user.

After reading it thoroughly, you will get confidence in How to Reduce the Bounce Rate.

8). Un-Organized Content

This is a big problem for the blog. Surprisingly, most bloggers do not notice this problem.

I look at such a blog every day. Where bloggers have published content in the form of long paragraphs, such content is boring to watch. The heart says. Who will read it? People write content in big paragraphs. They are seeing which the reader does not want to read.

It would be best if you always made a habit of publishing your article in an organized way so that it looks beautiful and can attract the user. It is not enough to write well; Proper formatting of content is also crucial.

After reading this post, you will get rid of “How to Reduce the Bounce Rate Problem.”

  • Split large content into smaller short paragraphs.
  • Use the title, bold, italic, point, number, quotation, and table.
  • Use images, photos, graph data, infographics according to the content.
  • It is okay to use video, audio as well if it needs content.
  • It would also be useful to have interlinking topic wise content.

Not all readers read the entire content; if you are engaging in formatting your content, it not only involves the material used on the blog but also encourages him to share your content. Related content in this way reduces the bounce rate.

The most significant advantage of Organized content is that the user can read any part of the content according to his own rather than read long and boring paragraphs.

9). Bad User Experience

You must know UI / UX, and if the user interface and user experience of your blog or website are not excellent, then its good Google ranking will not be benefited. After landing, the user will close your site. The incorrect Theme, the lousy design, causes user experience to deteriorate. Somewhere a link which is coming to the Broken after clicking. The content is overlapping while scrolling; the cursor is moving from here, mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, android view, mac view all right. If not, it will spoil the user experience, which will result in a high bounce rate.

This post How to Reduce the Bounce Rate is a big consarn.

10). Google Analytics

Many times it is also seen that the setup of Google Analytics has been done incorrectly. Though its chances are meager, if your Google Analytics is not set up correctly, you will get diversification in your website’s bounce rate. It happens that the bounce rate is not measured accurately, and we feel that the bounce rate of the site is going up. So analytics should not be set in a hurry. If you feel any problem, then you should set up Google Analytics by watching a good video.

Now you have read almost 90% part of How to Reduce the Bounce Rate. I am thinking you have learned How to Reduce the Bounce Rate.

11). Clickbait

Clickbait is a type of trick to get maximum clicks. The use of ClickBait increases CTR, but the Bounce Rate also increases manifold. At the moment, YouTubers are using it a lot. You will often see some video thumbnails on YouTube, which have something else written on them, and the video comes out with something else.

Click Bait’s technology is also used extensively by the news website. They also write the news title so that the user can read it and click immediately even if the news inside is of no use. This trick e-commerce website is also used well. 90% of the offer was written, and when you went to the product’s landing page, it was found out that the proposal was not getting anything special.

Clickbait is only used to generate clicks, so if the title of the content title is not found, then the user is sure to bounce. The blogger should never adopt this trick. I think you are enjoying my topic How to Reduce the Bounce Rate.

Now I am fully confident you are also fully confident about & get solved- How to Reduce the Bounce Rate.


I hope you have come to know the cause of the high bounce rate and ways to reduce it (How to Reduce the Bounce Rate). Friends, blogging is a straightforward task, but it is challenging to achieve success in blogging. I would advise you to keep knowledge of some technical topics along with writing blogs so that you can improve your blog or website. Not only did Google get good rankings, but the user should also appreciate your blog.

Credit: Mr. Ravi Kumar Sharma My Friend