How to Increase Traffic on the Blog 46 Massive Trick of 2020

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Most bloggers have the same problem of how to increase the Traffic of their Blog. Friends, we want to earn money from our blog soon, and that’s why we write many posts and publish them on our blog, and thinking. Traffic will come to our blog, but it does not happen because you do not write good content in your post to write more posts. And so traffic does not come on your blog.

If you write ten high-quality posts in your blog, and if you use some methods, then you can bring good traffic to your blog.

So I thought that. Today I would tell you my 46 secret ways. I also follow them. Here are some 46 Massive Working ways that are about- How to Increase Traffic on the blog in 2020. If you follow them, you will get more traffic from google.

How to Increase Traffic on the Blog


How to Increase Traffic on the Blog

So let’s know about 46 secrete ways to increase the traffic on the blog. If you follow it, then you can bring traffic to your blog. These are:-

1). Now Content is King

1). Now Content is King

High-quality content is the most important to bring good traffic to any blog. You should know that content is king in Blogging. You have to write such content on your blog. Which is helpful for the reader. And after reading your article, there is no need to go to any other blog and read it.

Google also gives high importance to high-quality content and brings him to the top in Search Result. You should write the content for the user and not for you. The user has come to your blog to find the answer to that question. He must get the answer to that question.

If you write low-quality content, then the user will not read your content. And will be gone from your blog, which will make Google feel that your blog has low-quality content. And Google can Ranking Down your Blog.

The secret is going to release How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

How to Write High-Quality Content

The topic you are writing above. Do a complete research about that topic first. Then write the content. Always write content in short paragraphs so that the user does not have difficulty in reading. You should not write such content in the matter of writing great content that does not like the user and makes it annoying. In reading the content, you wrote User Friendly and SEO Friendly content.

2). Use Catchy Title

2). Use Catchy Title

Always keep the title of your post high quality and unique. Because your title is visible in the search result if your title is right, then the user will click on it. If your title is not correct, the user will never click and read your post.

You should keep your title in such a way that the user knows what you have said in your post. And use your Main Keyword in your title, this will rank your post soon.

If you do not write more than Title 50 – 60 characters, if you write more than that, it does not appear in the Search Result. And Google ignores such titles.

3). Use Amazing Meta Description

3). Use Amazing Meta Description

Meta Description is that which appears in the Google search result below your title. In this, the topic you mentioned in your post is just to write a summary of the same topic in Meta Description. The Meta Description only tells the user what you have written in your post.

In Meta Description, you must use your Main Keyword, because it also helps in ranking your post. Meta Discrimination If you write 150 – 160 characters, if you write more characters, then it does not appear in Google Search instead of…. Google does not like this.

How to Increase Traffic on the Blog this method does work.

4). Must Use Keyword in First & Last Paragraph

You must use your Main Keyword in your First and Last Paragraph as it is essential to rank in Search Engine.

5). Keyword Research - Main Thing

You will see my Main Keyword i.e.- “How to Write High-Quality Content” in first paragraph and last

5). Keyword Research – Main Thing

There is high-quality content on your blog, but if you do not do Keyword Research properly, then you cannot bring traffic to your blog. Keyword Research is most important after content to rank your post on Google. Because of the topic, you are writing the post above. If you do not do Keyword Research for that post, then you can never bring your post to Google Search.

Keyword research is elementary to do. Because today there are many such tools, Which you give by doing keyword research according to the topic of your article. To know about Keyword Research Tool, you should read our post because I have told free tools in this post.

Before write “How to Write High-Quality Content” I were do many research.

6). Use Long-Tail Keywords

6). Use Long-Tail Keywords

Always use Long Tail Keyword in your post. Long Tail Keyword is ranked quickly and also gives you good traffic.

Long-Tail Keyword is something like:-

Short Tail Keyword:- Blog Traffic

Long Tail Keyword:- “How to increase Traffic on the Blog in 2020.”

If you search in google “Blog Traffic”, then you will not get an accurate result, & if you search on Google “How to increase Traffic on the Blog in 2020”. You will get a 100% correct result. This technique is called Long-Tail Keyword.

The short tail keyword is searched highly on Google, due to which it is very crooked to rank that keyword in Google. This crooked pudding is called SEO difficulty, While it is easy to rank long-tail keywords on Google.

There are many tools for Long Tail Keyword Research i.e.

Google Keyword Planner



Answer the Public


Google Auto Suggest

You can use Long Tail Keyword to rank your post soon. You should also use this Paid Tool of Long Tail Pro.

follow How to Increase Traffic on the Blog trick.

7). Content-Length

The length of your content matters a lot to rank in Google. Google gives more priority to the Long Article. Because there is more information in Long Article, and it is crucial for the user. But remember this thing that in the course of writing a long article.

Do not write such an article that the user finds it annoying to read it.

8). Complete Content

Complete content means to give full information to the user about the topic on which you are writing the content. So that the user does not need to read any other blog article, and the user also has confidence in your blog.


If you are writing an article on SEO Topic, then you should give complete information about SEO such as:

  • What is SEO?
  • How to do SEO?
  • What is On-Page SEO?
  • What is Off-Page SEO?
  • How to do On & Off-Page SEO?

9). Publish Article Regular

Publish a regular article on your website. So that User Daily can come to your website and read your new post. If you publish a regular article, then direct traffic will also increase on your website. And which will make Google feel that there is good content on your website, so people come to this website and read the article on Direct? And Google will boost your Ranking.

You must publish 2-3 articles in a week.

10). Robots.txt File Check

Robots.txt File is a Text File that is in the Root Folder of your Blog. Robots.txt tells File Search Engine that which things in your blog have to be indexed and which are not.

You can get your blog posts indexed soon with the robots.txt file. By customizing the robots.txt file, you can increase the Ranking of your Blog. But if there is a slight mistake in the Robots.txt file, then your Blog’s Ranking may be down.

11). Use Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the best way to bring traffic to your blog. Internal Linking means that you can internally link one of your posts with another post of your blog. With internal linking, you can also send traffic to your other posts.


I have internal linking another post of my website below here:-

#1 Most Asked Questions About Blogging in 2020 Massive MCQ

The Formula To Get Success in Blogging in 2020 Massive Guide

12). Use External Linking

External linking is also crucial. External Linking means that you can give a link to another website according to your topic in your article. Google attaches importance to external linking because Google believes that the topic you are telling the user should get more information about that topic.


If you are telling the user about Wikipedia, then you add Wikipedia link on the word of Wikipedia and call it External Linking.

While doing external linking, remember that the website you are linking to in your article. Do check out its Spam Score. And never give a link in your post to the website which has more than 5 Spam Score. Use the Web Site Seo Checker website to check the Spam Score.

check about How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

13). Use of Heading & Subheading

Use Heading and Subheading in every post on your blog. Always keep the title of the post in the H1 Tag. And never use H1 Tag again in your post.

You should use Subheading instead of H1 Tag in your post, and it helps a lot in ranking your post.

Subheading Tag are:-

<h2>…</h2> – Heading 2 <– Bigger

<h3>…</h3> – Heading 3

<h4>…</h4> – Heading 4

<h5>…</h5> – Heading 5

<h6>…</h6> – Heading 6 <– Smallest

Use your Keyword in Subheading.

If you will take a look again. I use a Heading & many Subtitle for “How to Write High-Quality Content”.

14). Use Image

Make sure to use at least one image in your post, Enter the name of the Image and Alt Tag. Put the Main Keyword of your post in Alt Tag. Because image also ranks on Google. And with this, you can bring traffic to your blog. Always use images by compressing them so that your post does not take time to load. You can use Compress Image(My Favorite) to compress the image.

Before write “How to Write High-Quality Content”. I create many catchy Images.

15). Always Write Short Paragraph

You should write your article in small paragraphs because users do not like to read big paragraphs. Most of the Traffic on the Blog comes from mobile. And there is difficulty in reading large paragraphs on mobile, so you write articles in small sections.

You should write a paragraph of 2 – 3 Sentences.

16). SEO Friendly URL

You should keep the URL of your post SEO friendly. SEO Friendly URL means that you are using your Main Keyword in Title, in URL & Meta Description of your post.

You can use Rank Math for this.

Rank math will tell you How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

17). Blog Loading Speed Matters
17). Blog Loading Speed Matters

17). Blog Loading Speed Matters

If your blog takes longer to open, then the user will immediately leave your blog. Due to which your Bounce Rate will also increase. Because of this, Google will rank your blog down.

If the loading time of your blog is more than 2 Seconds, then definitely optimize it. Because the user needs a quick result, if your blog does not open in 2 Second, then it will go back by pressing the Back button.

You can check the speed of your blog on the following website:


Google Page speed


The following method will optimize your blog loading speed:-

  • Choose 5-star Hosting service
  • Minify your JavaScript, CSS & JS
  • Compress all images before uploading
  • Use lesser Widget
  • Never use worthless Plugins
  • Don’t use more Redirections

18). Blog Design Must be User Friendly

Make your blog Design User Friendly. You should keep your blog, Design Simple. So that the user likes it and can read what you want to read on your blog. Keep Navigation Bar Simple of your Blog. So that the category the user has to go to can go there. You should use SEO Friendly Theme for User-Friendly Design.

19). Join Question & Answers Websites

With Question & Answers Websites, you can bring 20-30% direct traffic to your blog. By joining the Question & Answers Websites website, you give answers to the user’s questions in short, and write in the answer, click on the link below to read the complete answer. And provide the link to your post below. Which will make the user come to your blog post?
You answer 20 questions daily and add a link to your post in it, and you will get the result in 1 month.

You can join these Question & Answers Websites:-

I use Question & Answers Websites. This is the easiest way to bring traffic to your blog.

Follow Me On:- Quora

ask me there How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

20). Write Article on Trendy Topics

According to Niche of your Blog, write an article on Trending Topic so that you can bring more traffic to your blog. If your post is ranked in Google’s First Page above Tending Topic, then you cannot imagine how much traffic will come to your blog.

You can use Google Trends for Tending Topic Search. You can find Tending Topic from this.

21). Create Your Own YouTube Channel

After Google, the most popular platform is YouTube. Users search for YouTube and watch YouTube videos to get a solution to their problem. If you want to bring traffic to your Blog from YouTube, then you can make a video according to the topic of your blog post and put it on YouTube, and give the URL of your post in the Description of the video that will bring traffic to your blog post.

You can also earn money from YouTube by creating YouTube videos. You can make money both ways. You should also put your YouTube video in your blog post, which will also bring traffic to your YouTube video.

Create a video on How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

22). Reply On Comment – Must Do it

Reply to the comment of all the posts in your blog because it makes a good connection between the user and your blog. And this will increase the user confidence towards your blog. And if there will be more comments in your blog post, then Google will show it at the top in the search result, considering it helpful for the user.

But remember if someone makes a Spam Comment on your blog, delete it as it can cause Ranking Down of your Blog.

If anyone want to know more about How to Increase Traffic on the Blog then answer them my link.

23). Guest Posting

You must make a guest post on another blog. By posting a guest, the user of that blog likes your article, then he will visit your blog, and will read your post, which will increase the traffic of your blog. By posting a guest, your blog will also get Dofollow Backlinks, which will increase the DA of your Blog, and the Ranking of your Blog will also increase.

  • Remember this when posting a guest on another blog
  • You should guest post on Niche’s related Blog of your Blog.
  • If the DA, PA of the Blog on which you are posting a guest is more, and its Spam Score should be less than 5%.
  • Guest should post on a blog which is popular and has good traffic.

You can write a Guest post for my Blog: Write Guest Post for me.

24). High-Quality Backlinks

The backlink is a traditional factor. You have to adopt this traditional way of ranking on Google. High-Quality Backlinks bring traffic to your blog as you create high-quality Backlinks for your blog, the DA PA of your blog increases. DA PA is a factor that helps you increase the Ranking of your Blog.

If you create Low-Quality Backlinks and Spammy Backlink, then your website’s Spam Score will increase, and your Ranking will also be Down. With backlink, you can increase the traffic to your site.

How to create High-Quality Backlink: –

  • You paste your URL backlink on the high DA PA website.
  • To check Spam Score, search on Google “DA PA checker“. If a blog’s spam score is 25, do not create a backlink on that blog.
  • Create as many Dofollow Backlinks as you can.

Search on google How to Increase Traffic on the Blog and then create back-link with them.

25). Create Backlink in

The easiest and most straightforward way to create a backlink is – You can sign up on and submit your post by writing. As you will post your Blog on likewise will prepare a backlink to your blog. is a high-quality website. His DA is 96 and PA 80. You can bring traffic by posting on’s post is also ranked on Google.

26). Publish articles on

It is just like just do that & again get high-quality backlink simple. Thus post your article here.

Give title there How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

27). Get Backlink from

Just comment on your answer & post your link here. Search here How to Increase Traffic on the Blog and paste my link.

28). Update Your Old Posts

You must update your old post because the information changes over time. So you always keep giving new information to your user. While updating the post, you should also add a new photo and video along with the content.

In this way, your old post will be updated and become new. After updating the post, it must be indexed again in Google Webmaster and other Search Engine Webmaster.

29). No index Your Tags & Category

No index your category and tags. If you index your category and tags, they create a Duplicate Issue, and this will result in your Ranking down.

30). Must Share on Social Media

After publishing the post, you must share it on social media because most people are active on Social Media so that you can bring good traffic to your blog post. And Google also sees Social Signal, and this increases the value of your blog in the eyes of Google. And your post may be ranked soon.

Share this link with title:- How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

31). Social Media Share Button

Social Media Share Button should be at the bottom of every post of your blog because if the user likes your post then they can share it with their friends and relatives and this will also bring good traffic to your Blog without SEO.

32). Get More Likes on Facebook

This is very easy because all you have to do is open And make 1 page on Facebook with your blog name. When Google does not rank your Blog, Facebook helps a lot to rank it.

You can see My Blog Facebook page:- AllVipTricks

You can also find my “How to Increase Traffic on the Blog” link there.

33.) Facebook groups will Help You

Join many Facebook groups and put your problem there with your link. It works in 2020.

34). Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means that if you use more Keywords in your post, then it is called Keyword Stuffing.
Do not use keywords excessively in your post. This will be Keyword Stuffing in your post, and Google will rank your post down.

Are you thinking that by using more keywords, your post will be ranked soon, then you are thinking completely wrong because it will not increase your Ranking.

35). Avail Free Courses & E-Book Sell

You sell Free Course and E-book on your blog and give your post and website link in it. If you sell Free Course and E-book, then the user will visit your blog to get Free Course and E-book.

You can Create your E-Book title:- How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

36). Email Subscriber Widget

Be sure to add Email Subscriber Widget to your blog. As soon as you publish a new article, a notification will go to that user. And he will open it. If the user likes your article, then he would like to subscribe to it. Therefore, you must apply an Email Subscriber Widget.

Before applying Email Subscriber Widget in your blog, you must create your account on Google Feed burner, Just set up there. Then Google will give notification of your new post to the user by Automatic Email.

37). Build Email List

If you wish, you can bring 20-30% direct traffic to your blog. For this, you have to take the help of an Email Marketing strategy. You can send a link to the user to read the new post of your blog via email.

Where will you get the email address of the user? The email Subscriber Widget that you have placed in your blog, you can take their email addresses just from there. Now to do Email Marketing, prepare your User Email List to email them. You must send an email to the user 2-3 times in the week.

Create a task and give its name:- How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

38). Comment & Reply

Blog Commenting is a traditional way to generate traffic. With Blog Commenting, you can also create a No Follow Backlink for your blog. You must comment on the top blog related to your blog Niche.

Make an attractive comment so that people do not disapprove of your comment. When you comment, add a link to your website in the website box so that the user can come to your blog.
With blog Commenting you will also get a No Follow Backlinks. No, Follow Backlinks is also required for the blog.

While commenting on any blog, you have to remember this:-

  • Create a Comment Backlink on Niche’s related website of your blog.
  • You create a Comment Backlink on a website with more DA PA.
  • Do not create Comment Backlink on websites with high Spam Score.

If I will get any comment on the post i.e.:- How to Increase Traffic on the Blog. I will defiantly reply them.

39). Join Forums

You can create a backlink to your website by giving a question-answer on any forum. You can bring good traffic to your Blog with Forum Backlink.

Example: Check Join Forum website

On many forums you can search:- How to Increase Traffic on the Blog.

40). Post Interview of Blogging Experts

It is the most used technique. This technique can cause viral your blog or your YouTube channel in a few hours. This works.

41.) Provide an incentive for subscribers

Yes! You can provide Incentives like Free E-books to your readers.

42). Fix Your Broken Links

If your blog is on Broken Links, then your blog may have Ranking Down. And the user also has a negative effect. The broken link means if someone clicks on any link in your blog and if 404 error comes at that time then it is Broken Link.

There is a lot of website on the internet to check your Blog’s Broken Link so that you can fix it by searching your Blog’s Broken Link.

Broken Link Checker Sites:-

I will also search for dead link- “How to Increase Traffic on the Blog”.

43). Reduce Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate of your Blog should always below. The lower the Bounce Rate of your Blog, the sooner your blog will be ranked in Search Engine. If the content of your blog will not be useful to the user, then it will immediately go away from your blog, and this will increase the Bounce Rate of your Blog.

Therefore, you should write useful content on your blog. Do use Image and Video in your post. Due to the image and video, the user will stay on your blog more time, and this will reduce your bounce rate.

You can check your Blog’s Bounce Rate on Google Analytics.

44). Must Use SSL Certificate

Do use an SSL Certificate in your Blog because Google ranks blogs with SSL Certificate quickly. SSL means your Blog is Secure. How do you know if you have an SSL Certificate on your website or blog? You check the URL of your Blog, if your URL looks like Https, then SSL Certificate is installed on your blog. If there is Http in front of the URL of your blog, then move it from Http to Https, and for this, you have to take SSL Certificate.

If your blog is in the blogger, then you can go to Settings and click on Basic and make HTTPS availability. Yes, which will put an SSL Certificate on your blog.
If your blog is on WordPress, then you can get Free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare.

45). Grammar Mistakes

This is a tiny and essential factor. Do not forbid Spelling Mistake in your blog post as it has a High impact on SEO.

You can use Grammarly to correct the spelling and grammar of your posts.

Before post this How to Increase Traffic on the Blog I have check it on

46). Blogger List Post

This is an excellent way to increase traffic to your blog. What do you have to do That you prepare a list of bloggers you know. You give a blog of all these bloggers a Dofollow Backlink, which will provide maximum Dofollow Backlink to your blog.

To include other blogs in your list, create a form so that another blogger can submit your blog in that form.

How to Increase Traffic on the Blog

Friends, I hope that you have got the complete information about how to Increase traffic on the blog. However, if you need any information related to this, you can ask me in the Comment Box below. I will try my best to help you as much as possible. If you like this article of ours, so share it on social media so that more people can know about it and increase the Traffic of your BlogBlog.

Follow us on social media, I give a lot of small information there, which I cannot provide on the BlogBlog. And you can also ask us questions on social media, and I will reply to you there soon.

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