Everything about Android 11 Beta Released 2020 Massive

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Android 11 Beta

Google released the second Android 11 beta some weeks ago. While that update arrived with platform stability enhancements, there are still some nasty bugs that plagued Pixel devices. as an example, many Pixel 4 users experienced a flickering display issue while running the foremost recent beta build.

Android 11

Today, Google is releasing Android 11 beta 2.5 in hopes to repair a number of those leftover bugs. together with a fix for the Pixel 4’s screen flickering bug, this update also fixes issues regarding the notification drawer, sound recording in apps following VoIP calls, and more. take a look at the total list of fixes below: Fixed issues that prevented a user from hearing or recording audio in apps after they made a VoIP call. The notification drawer now not fails to look sometimes when a user swipes down from the highest of the screen.

The first Android 11 beta is here! It’s an exciting time to be an Android user, especially if you own a Pixel. New priority notifications, media playback controls, messaging app bubbles, and plenty of more features were announced for Android 11 Beta 1. But! Before you go installing Android 11 on your main smartphone, confine mind that this can be a beta.

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Android 11

It’s not meant to be the foremost stable version of Android ever made. In fact, we’ve found a one or two of bugs during this build that will stop you from installing it on your Pixel device. Here’s what we’ve revealed about Android 11 performance to this point, similarly as a number of our thoughts on the new Android 11 features.

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What is new in Android 11?

This is a small amount of a novel Android 11 build. Usually, the primary beta is where Google rolls out new UI changes (if there are any) or the other new user-facing features. We’re not getting lots of that here. Google has trickled out feature after feature within the first four developer previews, and lots of of the items that weren’t already official leaked out weeks beforehand.

What I’m saying is, there aren’t lots of surprises here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots to probe. We’ve rounded up all the new and notable Android 11 features right here, so make certain to test that out for more granular developer-focused features. In Android 11 Beta 1, there are some really useful tweaks that make Android feel far more mature.

Android 11

Notifications are an enormous priority in Android 11. Google is making thoughtful changes to the notification shade that prioritize your most significant notifications. Notifications from messaging apps now have their own section within the shade at the very top, denoted by a “Conversations” header. That’s where you’ll see emails, texts, Telegram messages, and so on.

I won’t move into an excessive amount of detail here — Eric already did that during a very informative article on Android 11 notifications — but I can tell you this can little doubt be a mainstay in Android going forward. Android’s notification shade has become so cumbersome over the years, that it will be difficult to choose out the foremost important things.

Now, Google is putting these important messages at the forefront of your interaction together with your phone. Furthermore, you’ll be able to mark certain conversations as Priority, meaning these convos bypass “do not disturb” mode.

Android 11

They’re also pinned to the highest of your notification shade, which person’s profile icon will show up in your status bar rather than a generic app icon. How cool!

To further shut down the notification shade, Google is additionally moving media playback controls into the short settings panel. Once enabled in developer options, your music or podcast app will now show media controls within the quick settings.

You get a touch, condensed playback box with one swipe down of the fast settings page and an expanded view on your second swipe down. I’ve been using this feature all day, and again, I love it. As someone who listens to podcasts and music for hours each day, it’ll be so nice to always have quick access to those settings without accidentally swiping away the notification. It also just makes everything look much cleaner.

Google further changed things around with the Android 11 Beta 2 update. Now, the condensed media controls span the complete width of the notification shade and appear below the fast settings toggles, as critical being crammed to the left side of the panel. The expanded media controls now sit below the short settings tiles, rather than above.

The stuff we’ve already seen

Again, lots of the new features coming to Android 11 have already extended in other developer previews. Here are some big features we’ve already gotten our hands-on in previous Android 11 builds.

Everything about Android 11 Beta Released 2020 Massive 1

Native screen recording is one in all the most important new features we hope will stick around in Android 11. In Beta 1, it’s pretty stable. You now have quick access to detailed notification history, so you’ll be able to quickly find that message you mistakenly swiped away.

The overview menu (recent apps menu) received a replacement design, complete with screenshot shortcuts and a choice to quickly select and share text. Google also introduced new permission controls. Now, there’s a choice to grant permission (like location) to a particular app only one time.

Current Bug

(Issue #156051413) Fixed various issues that might cause devices to reboot intermittently.

(Issue #159768228) The screen now not flickers on some devices when the screen is ready to an occasional luminosity.

(Issue #159888167) The navigation bar now not appears in cases when it wouldn’t normally display, like during a tool restart. 

(Issue #159592365) Some Pixel 4/XL devices that have seized one Android 11 update are not any longer blocked from receiving an OTA back to Android 10.

(Issue #158765677) the recording is not any longer interrupted sometimes when using the Camera app.

(Issue #159185509) The Dialer app does not use the speakerphone sometimes because of the default audio device.

(Issue #159203518) In the Messages app, the RCS chat features now not mire sometimes within the Connecting state.

(Issue #159786769) This update, which comes with build number RPB2.200611.012, is now available for download from all the regular channels.

You’ll automatically receive the update if you own a Pixel and have enrolled within the Android Beta Program.

Or, you’ll be able to manually flash the factory image or OTA file to your device, or use Google’s handy new Android Flash Tool. Want to be told more about the subsequent major version of Android? take a look at our full Android 11 beta walkthrough video, or see the written version below.

The most significant issue addressed is displayed flickering on Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. This was caused by the 90Hz Smooth Display interacting with dark themes, with many users disabling the upper frame rate option to get around the problem.

 Those on the Google flagship also can downgrade back to Android 10. Pixel phones on the preview program will get an Android 11 Beta 2.5 OTA (RPB2.200611.012), while factory images are available for Pixel, GSI, and Android Emulator today.

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